Acrysil™ is a double-coated PU membrane.
Adhesive medical acrylic on one side, soft tack silicone gel on the other side


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Easy to use
Stays in place when applied. Repositionable.
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Painless removal
Non-adherent to wounds, soft adherence on peri-wound skin.
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Can be perforated
For applications that require breathability and liquid transfer.
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Biocompatible silicone
Non-irritating, hypoallergenic, reduces the risk of skin reaction.


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Super absorbent dressings
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Attachment of devices
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Foam dressings material


With its specific double coating, Acrysil™ is designed to attach softly medical materials or devices to skin. The acrylic side of Acrysil™ is in contact with the medical material or device (for robust attachment). While the silicone side is in contact with the skin for soft adhesiveness and protection. The management of the acrylic coating makes it possible to attach the material without any risk of delamination during removal.

Managing the silicone formulation and the coating weight allows us to guarantee the right level of adhesiveness without causing pain at removal. The design and size of perforations can be adapted according to your needs.