We are specialized in silicone coating for healthcare applications.

"Advanced Silicone Coating has a unique mind-set in the industry of silicone coating: being a source of proposal to our partners is in our DNA.

We sense market trends at early stages and consequently develop products which anticipate the needs of our customers.

We even go beyond that by thinking out of the box in terms of products and applications in order to offer our partners breakthrough innovations, never thought of before.

Our ambition is to set the standards in silicone coating for healthcare applications."

We have one of the highest silicone coating capacities in Europe.
Yet we pride ourselves in designing bespoke solutions for our partners and customers. As part of our constant drive for innovation, coupled with our unique technical expertise, we can coat onto a large range of materials including film, paper, mesh, woven and non-woven fabrics.

Advanced Silicone Coating: a drive for innovation motivated by passion.
Passionate and creative, our R&D engineering teams work in close cooperation with leading wound care laboratories. Today, their proven technical expertise allows us to provide you with outstanding products presenting unique features and benefits.Thanks to our groundbreaking silicone solutions, we are staying ahead of competition!

Our mission

OEM healthcare companies and converters are our partners, for whom we continuously strive.

We provide to them solutions with outstanding value proposition, as well as top-notch quality and service.

Our vision

We want to be the preferred and most trusted company in silicone coating for healthcare applications.
We want to set the standards in silicone coating for healthcare applications.
This is achieved through passion, and creativity, and industrial excellence